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100degrassi_rp's Journal

100% intense Degrassi Role Playing
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Hey this is one of the newest RP's for Degrassi: The next generation.

some rules for you to know:
-You must have a sample entry in your character journal before applying
-Must have a character journal and AIM screename
-Only use your journal for this RPG. Its confusing
-DuN tYpE lYk DiZz BiOtChhHhH, eR i WyL pOunD yO fAyC
-You must update your journal and go on AIM at least once a week
-please promote so we can have a full set of characters.

okay after you apply you are going to get either the accepted banner:

or you are going to get the rejected banner:

((thanks for making us these awesome banners mallory0174, you did a really good job))

Have fun at with this RP...just at least stay active okay? thanks